Our stance on cycle Safety

ROSPA cycle statistics tell us that 75% of cycling accidents occur at slip roads, busy junctions and roundabouts. And with more and more cyclists appearing on our busy roads, there is a real need for clear signalling, especially in these accident hotspots.

We’re delighted to report the general feedback from car and truck drivers is how easy it is to see and understand the BrighterBikes indicator.

Our Greater Goal

The opportunity for electronic indicating and braking extends to all manner of 2, 3 and 4 wheel cycles – tandems, disability bikes, trikes, electric bikes, plus the whole new world of commercial cargo bikes – all are perfectly suited to wired and wireless indicating and braking.

For instance: have you tried hand signalling whilst turning left or right on a fully-laden cargo bike? DON’T try it! It’s a dangerous manoeuvre. We’re solving this problem too, and our design team is looking at simple and safe LED strip light indicating and braking to cater for all these cycles. Get ready for BrighterBike 2 and BrighterBike 3.

Our Brighter Team

Eldest brother Steve came up with the BrighterBikes concept six years ago and since that time has been driving the quest for the perfect design to cater for the greatest range of cycles.


Younger brother John is the money-man in charge of accounts. But don’t let his desk job fool you. John took The BrighterBike indicator on a 300 mile cycle trip into France, negotiating horizontal rain and headwinds along the way.


Youngest sister Jane is our customer interface and leads the way in all our social media activity.


Aside from BrighterBikes, Steven, John and Jane are also fully involved in TrafficAngel –  a company delivering camera and sensor systems into the huge van and truck market. ‘Saving money, saving lives’ is the TrafficAngel strapline. As far as we’re concerned though, its not just a strapline, it’s an ethos that bridges both businesses!